We protect the nature and cultural heritage of Ayampe

We promote sustainable development and help strengthen the community's economy

We offer sustainable local tourism

Our goal will always be to protect and preserve the ecosystem

About us

We are committed to a sustainable development model

Comuna in Ecuador is a formal indigenous government, making it one of the few countries in the world that recognizes indigenous culture, history, and ancestry, granting them autonomy.

The Comuna Ayampe strives for the benefit of both the community and the environment. Strengthening the social fabric and the community's identity, making them proud of their natural and cultural heritage.


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We present a variety of services designed for people who were born in Ayampe or who have lived in the comuna for more than 5 years to provide support and promote sustainable development in Ayampe.

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Innovation in Education Project at the Ernesto Velázquez Kuffo Public School in Ayampe.
Reconstruction and Adaptation Project for the Ayampe Health Center.
Recyclable Waste Management Project.
Campo Luna Agroecological Farm Project.
Proyecto de Construcción de Centro de Entrenamiento Deportivo.
Project to Complete the Construction of Sidewalks.


Fabian Vilema
German Cooperation - GIZ
Technical advisor

Collaborating with an organized comuma that is committed to sustainable development has been an enriching experience, managing to implement aquatic safety projects, development of internal regulations, and training. They provide all the facilities for the success of our initiatives for the benefit of the community.

Francisco Magallanes
Associate Community Member

The comuna has provided me with support and advice for the administrative management for affiliation to the rural insurance. As a community member of Ayampe, I attest to the benefits of belonging to an organization committed to the well-being of the community.

Pedro Soledispa
President of the GAD Salango
Parish Board

Ayampe is a unique development model in the county and an inspiring reference for the progress of our communities. Working with them has been a pleasure due to their community focus and social commitment, which has allowed us to manage effective political and social actions.

Nair Abdo
CampoLuna Project

Volunteering in Ayampe has been a transformative experience. At the Ayampe agroecological farm, I have learned valuable agricultural techniques and have witnessed the community's commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable production.

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