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Located in southern Manabí where the Ayampe River meets the Pacific Ocean and the Colibri Trail (home to the second smallest hummingbird in the world). It is the ideal tourist destination for those looking to experience nature, feel the ocean breeze and share the warm coastal culture and its ancestry.


Ayampe is a very important surf spot on the Ecuadorian coast. It is the most sensitive beach for waves on the coast of Ecuador, which is why there are always waves. In Ayampe the waves work with both north and south swells.

In the Comuna Ayampe you will find several surf schools, such as:
- Aloha Ayampe
- La Buena Vida
- Cabañeros del Zodiaco
- El Point
- Hermanos Mono
- Otra Ola

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Ayampe is famous for its peace and simplicity, which is why it attracts so many yogis. Cultivating values of gratitude, determination and presence, yoga practice is ideal for revitalizing your body and mind. Seeking softness in strength, we learn from conscious body movement to better relate to ourselves and our environment.

In the Comuna Ayampe you will find several yoga schools:
- El Río Ayampe
- La Casa
- Otra Ola
- Vistamar

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Learn Spanish

Immerse yourself in the culture and learn Spanish! In the Comuna Ayampe you will find several Spanish schools.

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If Ayampe is not relaxing enough for you, then it's time to take advantage of Mauli Spa: home of massages, steam shower and jacuzzi

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If you would like to share your time in our beautiful and warm community, you could volunteer in:
- Comuna Ayampe (sustainability, marketing, development of community projects, labor)
- Finca CampoLuna (permaculture, compost, recycling, fundraising, business development)
- Ayampe Elementary School (arts, English, sports, music teachers, and more)

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In the sea, you can snorkel, dive, spearfish and kayak:
- Tour to Isla de la Plata
- Tour to Isla de Salango
- Tour to los Ahorcados
- Whale Watching (June to November)

On land, Ayampe has jungle filled mountains, where you can go on guided hikes and appreciate its nature. Several local businesses offer guided visits to the jungle and Ayampe River, where you can find an important diversity of flora, fauna, and birds such as seagulls, herons, pelicans, frigates, among others:
- Bird watching
- Horse trips
- Visit our community agroecological farm and learn the different techniques of sustainable agriculture. Here you will find a wide variety of activities, such as hydroponic crops, nursery, library, games for children and you can enjoy healthy farm to table gastronomy
- Tour of the CampoLuna community agroecological farm

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What to eat?

Due to the cultural diversity in Ayampe, you will find different types of food such as national and international. The restaurants you will find are traditional Ecuadorian, international (pizza, Mexican, Thai), cafes and pastry shops.

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In Ayampe you will find a wide variety of accommodations:
- Hostels - Suitable places to sleep, share and meet travelers from all over the world.
- Hotels - With all the necessary comfort to make your experience unique and unforgettable.
- Guest Houses - Complete and suitable spaces for comfortable and long stays.
- Rental houses - For families; short or long stays.

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